List of Important Schedules and Articles of the Indian Constitution

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List of Important Schedules and Articles of the Indian Constitution :- 

  • The provisions of the Indian Constitution, which influence education?  :- Director of State Policy,Rural and urban ,local body ,Fifth schedule ,Affirmation schedule ,Seventh schedule
  • The Constitution of India contains “Panchayati Raj” topics :- in the state list
  • In which schedule of the Constitution of India, there is a provision for the anti-war law; in the tenth Schedule
  • The eleventh schedule of the constitution is related :- Panchayati Raj
  • In the constitution of India, “education” which was the subject of the list of states in the beginning, it was transferred to the concurrent list by which constitution amendment:- 42th Amendment
  • Under Article 1956 of the Indian Constitution, the provision of All India Services :- Article-312
  • Which Schedule of the Indian Constitution provides the schedule of the list of names of the states and their state territories :- the first schedule
  • Regarding the legislative relationship between the Union and the States :-  Part 11 and Chapter 1 of Indian Constitution
  • Who cites the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of India – Allocation of Places in the Rajya Sabha
  • For the first time, anti-defection provision was made in the constitution – by 52th amendment
  • The authority to charge fees and taxes by the governments mentioned in the Schedule :- VII Schedule
  • Without the recommendation of “the President”, a bill which imposes tax, can not be kept in the legislature “This provision comes under which article of Indian Constitution :-Article 117
  • Who has been mentioned in the Union List under the Seventh Schedule of Indian Constitution :- banking, insurance and census .
  • The subject which relates to the “Union List” of the Indian Constitution :-Defense, Foreign Affairs, Railways
  • Which part of our Constitution has envisaged to make Panchayats in three Sopanos :-art IX
  • There is special provision for the administration and control of the schedules areas in various states in the Constitution of India :- in the Panchayat Schedule
  • Special Article about the Finance Bill in which Article :- Article 117
  • The provisions of the fifth and sixth Schedule have been made in the Constitution of India :- for the protection of the interests of Scheduled Castes
  • In the Indian constitution, the State Land Reform Act has been included under which schedule to provide constitutional protection :-9th Schedule
  • Which part of the Constitution has the provision related to “citizenship” :- Part 2
  • How many Indian divisions have been divided into 22 parts
  • If any new state of India is to be formed, then one of the constitutional schedules must be revised :- the first schedule
  • “Sixth Schedule” in the Indian Constitution relates to the administration of tribal areas of which states :- Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram
  • Which is the subject of economic planning under the Constitution of India :- Concurrent list
  • Which topic is included in List III concurrent list of seventh schedule of Indian Constitution :-  Penal procedure.

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