Regular Exercise to Protect Silent Brain Strokes

Regular Exercise to Protect Silent Brain Strokes :- 

Hunting of brain strokes are youth, caution is the only defense .

Earlier, where the elderly of 60-70 years old was diagnosed with brain stroke, at the same time 20-35 years of age are also being affected by this disease. The reason for this is rapidly worsening lifestyle. The recent Anals of Indian Academy of Neurology Journal (issue of January-March 2016) revealed cases of brain stroke increased in the youth. Research paper published in the name of Fifty Years of Stroke Research in India, according to many researches, has said that cases of stroke are increasing rapidly among youth. About 30% of the total brain stroke cases are young (below 40 years). There are 80 percent of these young patients. Research has said that its main reason is lack of addiction, poor lifestyle and awareness. Let’s know about the disturbances in mind and measures to avoid this.

Hemorrhagic stroke

In blood vessels, due to compression or clotting (fat in the tubes), the flow of blood in the brain decreases, which is called ischemic stroke. But when the arteries burst within the brain, then it is called hamaragic stroke or brain haemorrhage.

Regular Exercise to Protect Silent Brain Strokes

Regular Exercise to Protect Silent Brain Strokes

Brain Strokes  Major signs 

Half of body weakness Feeling numb or weakness in half-face one hand or leg, tearing or closing in the voice. Flirting in the trick The balance of hands and feet Coming unconscious Vomiting and dizziness with headache in the head. Being confused Eyes-blurred or double-looking. Trouble in swallowing .

Brain Strokes  Instant treatment

If the above symptoms remain for more than 24 hours then brain stroke can occur. The patient should immediately be admitted to a hospital where the CT scan and blood test are arranged immediately. If a person has symptoms of stroke in the person. And automatically (within 24 hours), it is also called transient ischemic stroke (TIA). This is the warning of brain stroke. In this case, contact the specialist immediately.

3 hours of starting important

3 hours of brain stroke are important. During this recovery, the recovery occurs early when the patient gets the right treatment. There is also a danger of knowing the delay in treatment. The treatment depends on the condition of the patient.

Initial investigations of brain stroke, some blood tests and CT scans are done. On the need, doctors also do MRI, angiography and 2D ECOs.

Brain Strokes is danger from them 

High blood pressure, diabetes problems, obesity, excess stress, heart attack, high cholesterol, homocysteine ​​in the blood, a lack of blood (anemia), smoking habit, alcohol and tobacco addiction, stroke The family history of, some use of hormonal medicines and those who eat more junk food are suspected of brain stroke.

Brain Strokes Prevention of caution

Identify and avoid High Risk Factors. If there are patients of heart, BP and sugar then keep it under control and take regular medicines. Make distance from alcohol, tobacco and smoking. Control the weight. Exercise and Yoga. Do not let the body lack water. Avoid junk food.

Regular Exercise to Protect Silent Brain Strokes

  • This disease can be avoided by losing weight. –
  • Exercise almost 30 minutes every day.
  • – Avoid cigarette, paan and tobacco intake.
  • – Keep your blood sugar levels in control.
  • Stay away from stress as soon as possible.

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