Rivers of India GK Question today | Himachal Pradesh River GK Question

Rivers of India GK Question today

Rivers of India GK Question today | Himachal Pradesh River GK Question :-

Rivers of India GK Question today 

  1. What is the sacred river of India  = Ganges
  2. How is Ganga known in Bangladesh? = Padma
  3. By what name is the combined water channel of Ganga and Brahmaputra = Meghna
  4. Which river of India forms the Sundarbans delta? =  Ganga and Brahmaputra
  5. Which state through which state is Kanpur, enters India? = Arunachal Pradesh
  6. Whose tributary is Tawa ? =Narmada
  7. Which river is called the ‘mourning of Bihar’ = Kosi
  8. Which river is known as the Great Ganges = Godavari
  9. Which river is famous for changing its course =  Kosi
  10. Which river creates ‘Kapil water stream’ = Narmada
  11. Which river flows through the Rift Valley = Tapti
  12. Van Ganga and Pan Ganga are the tributaries of Kis =  Godavari
  13. Which river is called “the beggar’s cry” = Damodar river
  14. Which river flows through the proportion of the defect = Narmada
  15. Recently, the central government has announced the grant of national status to which river = Ganges
  16. What is the largest river of peninsular India? =  Godavari
  17. What is the longest river in India according to the flow in India? =Ganges
  18. Where does the Kaveri river fall? = In the Bay of Bengal
  19.  Which is the most important river in Punjab’s construction =  Indus
  20. Which river flows west and falls into the Arabian Sea = Narmada
  21. Which of the two rivers is roughly the same = Indus (2880 km) and Brahmaputra (2900 km)
  22. Which river is called the ‘mourning of Odisha’ = Brahmani
  23. Scheme of linking of rivers was proposed during whose reign = NDA government
  24. Cauvery water dispute between which states = Karnataka and Tamilnadu
  25. Indobrahma is a … .. The Eastern River
  26. Which river has the longest road bridge = Ganges
  27. Which river makes the world’s largest island “Majuli” = Brahmaputra
  28. Which part of Narmada river flows in India? = Madhya Pradesh
  29. Which water bridge between India and Pakistan was signed on = Indus
  30. According to the Indus Agreement, how much water can be used by Indus river? = – 20%

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Himachal Pradesh River GK Question


  • Vedic Name : Parushani
  • Sanskrit Name:   Iravati
  • Origin : Bara Bhangal
  • Length  : 158 km


  • Vedic Name:   Satudri or Satudru
  • Sanskrit Name : Saturdai
  • Origin:   Mansarovar (Tibet) (Rakas lake)
  • Length :  320 km


  • Vedic Name   Kalinidi
  • Sanskrit Name  Yamunotri
  • Origin Yamunotri (from Kalind Parvat in Utter Kashi)
  • Length 22  km


  • Vedic Name :  Asikni
  • Sanskrit Name  : Chandrabhaga
  • Origin : Baralacha
  • Length  : 122 km


  • Vedic Name  : Arjikiya
  • Sanskrit Name  :  Vipasha
  • Origin :  Rotang pass (Beas Kund in Pir Panjal range)
  • Length :  256 km

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